About us

about_usWe are an advertising company that shares its advertising revenue with its members by providing excellent business solutions in an easy going win-win environment.

Our core objective is to develop business promotion solutions that can address the varied and dynamic needs of Business Entities at an affordable cost. We believe in development of a partnership with each client, to have a long term, ongoing association i.e., mutually beneficial.With an inclusive approach and extensive media relations, we are confident to offer our best support to meet the expectations of our clientele in both creativity and service.

Advertising solutions are not limited to printing, sign bards, billboards, hoarding boards and LED screens, but will also appropriately use traditional methods of visual modes such as kalaapaththara and audiovisual methods such as using andaberaya. Gossip (kata kathaa) that remains unchallenged as one of the most effective modes of communicating with the public will also be used. One of the highlights of advertising is the installation of an on line job bank to find people for jobs and jobs for people. Apart from advertising Panora will also coordinate through its website online shopping of goods and services as well as delivery of items to our client’s customers.

Panora Advertising provides the greatest platform to make money on line. Each member that joins can earn money simply by viewing all the advertisements we display and we have developed many ways for our customers with considerable buying power to make money and always allow provision to make more! Panora will add morefeatures considering the responses of our partners, clients and viewers.

Panora’s partners will meet millions of clients and the partners have the liberty to filter the demographics of its followers depending on their requirement, investment capacity and outreach potential. Partners will have a personalized ready – reckonner statistical update to screen out only what they require. With its strong anti-cheat policies and applications, all stakeholders will be assured protection, which will be a key in promoting Panora’s concept and broadening its niche.

If you are looking to promote your product or services, this is the right place for you to advertise your products, services or your website to help increase your sales and traffic with competitive prices and the ability to reach out to thousands, if not millions of potential customers, you always wanted!


To become a major, diversified, transnational, integrated media company with leadership and a strong business conscience.


To provide high quality service not limited to advertising, Media & Graphic Designing solutions that combine creativity with value pricing, while establishing a successful relationship with our customers.